Proud To Be Malaysian

Proud To Be Malaysian

My Icom V8000 Installation by 9w2yed

Based on my research in the internet, it is difficult for me to have guideline for newbie regarding on installation of mobile rig. Thus, I want to share my installation method so that it can be a guideline for all newbie as well as future newbie out there.

This is where I installed Icom V8000 in my Black Proton Iswara. Seems that it is the perfect place in the Iswara whereby the 45 degrees angle lower dashboard makes it easier for me to read the display of V8000. It took 3 hours for the accessories guy to make a nice handiwork installation which cost me RM50. A ham from Perak ones told me that it cost only RM15 in his area. I've search several accessories shops but couldn't managed to get that kind of price here in Ampang, Sel.

The power cable runs through the grommet and connected directly to 12VDC Car Battery. Here the power cable from stock has been used which included with 2x series fuse; at (+ve) cable and (-ve) cable. For the inner part, the cable runs down to the driver area and exit at the inner lower dashboard.

Running the antenna cable took the longest period in this installation process, where I've to decide the best location to runs it with less visibility.
Starting from the antenna’s mounting bracket, it was installed on the left side of the car so that I can monitor my Diamond (mc 101) antenna while I’m on the driver seat. The cable then was running along the inner side of the back wind screen and entering the cable grommet through the side panel of back passenger seat. At this phase it was difficult to run it through the grommet where the end of the antenna cable is quite big to go through it. The solution is to cut the side of the grommet in order to make sure the cable goes into inner part of the car.
It run through the inside panel, down to the carpet floor, and end up at the location where the rig has been installed.

As for the finishing touch, all exposed cables were covered with the cable's cover so that it looks tinnier as well as to increase the life span of the cable, especially inside the engine boot. In order to protect the grommet from any liquid discharge, silicon sealers were put to both in front and at the back of the grommet.

Icom V8000 is my dream rig and it makes me the happiest man to own it. To add a cream on the cake, the installment is just perfect. I am satisfied with the end result. Right now, I am just a SWL and I can’t wait to get my Amateur Radio License for me to QSO with all you guys out there.